Dog sitter in Portofino

Are you looking for a dog sitter in Portofino?

In Portofino and its surroundings, wherever you are Villa Bau is always with you: at home, in a hotel or in the middle of the sea on a yacht.

With our Bau Mobile service we can reach you in a few minutes in Portofino, for a walk, in events and for short or long stays in our resort for dogs.

You just have to tell us where to reach you in Portofino, we will take care of the rest!

Our dog sitting in Portofino is an all-round dedicated service: if you can't bring your four-legged friend, we'll pick it up!

Once its stay at VillaBau is over, we will bring your dog back to Portofino, excited to see you again and happy to have spent a vacation with us!

wherever you want in Portofino

Bau Mobile

The vacation of your furry friend already begins in Portofino in the Bau Mobile!

And if you're on a yacht, we'll even reach you on the dock!

This is a fully equipped car to welcome your dog with all the comforts and in total safety, suitable to travel in complete serenity between the turns and alleys of Portofino and its surroundings::

  • air conditioning
  • suitable leash
  • safery net
  • fresh water bowl
  • step ladder 
  • reward treats
  • tracking GPS

We want the travel experience to be an occasion of well-being, respecting the untouched environment of Portofino; that's why our Bau Mobile is a hybrid electric vehicle.


Portofino is a small town located between the Tigullio Gulf and the Paradise Gulf.

The small town of Portofino, which attracts thousands of tourists and VIPs every year, owes its beauty to the Roman Empire that founded the town with the name of Portus Delphini, a term probably linked to the presence of dolphins in the waters of the coast.

The things to do in Portofino are many, despite being a small seaside village: you can try underwater activities diving in the crystal clear waters of the sea, you can enjoy the untouched nature or walk in serenity among the pastel-colored houses mirroring the water that make the village so unique, breathing the typical clean air of a coastal village.

One of the most beautiful and relaxing things is the spectacular views offered by the beautiful sunsets in the Baia Cannone, and the wonderful tranquility of Portofino's Baia del Silenzio.

You can visit Portofino in one or two days, arriving by ferry from Santa Margherita Ligure (about 15 minutes of travel, € 12 round trip), by bus or by car, but the latter is not recommended because of the scarce parking spaces and the high cost of the parking fees.

Portofino, il paradiso dalle casette colorate e dal mare color azzurro intenso, è uno dei più piccoli borghi nel cuore della Riviera Ligure, a pochi km da Genova e dalle Cinque Terre; è conosciuto per la sua vita mondana durante la stagione estiva, gli yachts e i vips che lo visitano costantemente.

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