Where are you? We'll reach you!

Portofino, Santa Margherita, Rapallo? The miles don't weigh on us, the engine is always running!

Our Bau Mobile is ready to go and reach you wherever you are: at home, at the beach, at a wedding or at any other event.

You just tell us where to meet you and we will take care of the rest!

Ours is a all around dedicated dog sitting service: if you can't bring your four-legged friend, we will come and pick it up!

wherever you want

Bau Mobile

The vacation of your furry friend already begins in the Bau Mobile!

It is a fully equipped car to welcome it with all the comforts and it total safety:

  • air conditioning
  • suitable leash
  • safety net
  • fresh water bowl
  • step ladder 
  • reward treats
  • tracking GPS

We want the travel experience to be an occasion of well-being, respecting the environment; that's why our Bau Mobile is a hybrid electric vehicle.


In the heart of Tigullio, Lavagna is a seaside town just a few kilometers from all the other pearls of the Gulf: Portofino, Santa MargheritaRapallo, Chiavari and Sestri Levante.

Here we have our principal location: ours is an entire villa completely dedicated to the reception of animals.

A villa a few steps from the sea is the perfect synergy to make your dog live an ideal vacation: we like to start the days with long walks on the shore and, why not, even with a nice splash.

Le spiagge di Lavagna e del suo piccolo borgo “Cavi” sono tra le più belle dell’intero Golfo del Tigullio: splendidi i lidi e il lungomare, lunghi circa 2 km.

At sunset, on the other hand, the perfect places to walk with your bau are the long river Entella, which from the valleys of the hinterland flows between Chiavari and Lavagna, offering spectacular glimpses of twilight and the pier of the tourist port of the city, one of the largest in the Tigullio.

Our services

Villa Bau - Lavagna

Villa Bau is an exclusive residence for dogs in the center of Lavagna, with toys, swimming pool and green space.

Working hours

Mon-Fri: 7:30 AM - 9 PM
Sat-Sun: 7:00 AM - 1 AM
Available for Emergencies!

Contact us

Villa Martina, Lavagna (Ge), 16030
Phone: (+39) 3516716776
Email: info@villabau.net

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